Skype Set Up

No Plug-In To Install

One way to be assured CamGirl Clubs is not out to steal your content lies in the simple fact that we don't ask you to install a plug-in. We have no interest in seeking access to your Skype sessions or finding ways to record them.

Are Plug-Ins Necessary For Indie Camming?

Absolutely not! Sites offering Skype integration use plug-ins for the purpose of tracking customers' minutes spent in session with you. Conveniently, this also serves to provide the site a recording of your show.
If you have to install a plug-in to perform Skype shows, then there exists the possibility your videos are also being sold or traded. Videos, just like yours, are bought, sold and traded all over the internet, all the time. They come from people just like you, who perform live shows and have no idea some 'industry professional' is profiting from them outside of your little business arrangement and it's right there in black and white. In fact, if you read your contract, you will see that he outright owns whatever you produce or upload to his slimy website and may, translated to layman's terms, sell, trade, edit your videos at his own discretion. This means nothing goes to you.
Of course, needing you to install a plug-in so they can record your sessions in order to track minutes, for accuracy seems legitimate but read their Terms Of Service and Model Agreement carefully, paying attention to the part where content is mentioned. Specifically, what they claim they can do with that content. In one agreement I signed, for example, this was vaguely written but leans toward them owning the content outright and being able to sell it within the confines of 'sales and marketing' efforts. Nowhere does it state you are paid for this, even though your content can generate them income. Here is an example of how they typically like to word it. This was taken, word for word, from an actual agreement I signed back in 2010.

Performer understands that he/she will upload content/images to (website's) system for re-broadcast. All content/images uploaded to the system shall become the exclusive property of (website), and (website) will have the sole discretion to use all such content/image in any way it deems necessary in all sales and marketing efforts, during the Term of this Agreement and upon termination."

Then, in similar fashion but on a different site (or so you should think), at a much later date, August 1, 2014

"H. Content
Performer will upload and transmit content in the form of images, video, sounds, and/or text (referred to herein as "content") to and through (website's) systems for re-broadcast. All content uploaded to the systems by Performer shall be works made for hire under the United States Copyright Act, as amended, to the extent eligible; otherwise, Performer hereby assigns all rights, title and interests in such content to (website). (website) shall then own all such content, and (website) will have the sole discretion to use any such content in any way it so chooses, including but not limited to in any medium and in any promotion, distribution, advertising, sales and marketing efforts, both during and after the term of this Agreement"

All that said, independent performers should concern themselves with having a recording, for their own records, of each session in case of legal issues or should a dispute arise. This safety measure is important because there is no absolute proof that Skype saves a recording of each live broadcast produced on their system. So, my recommendation is to practice caution and use an external video capture program (like ManyCam, for example, with a simple record option) to save your sessions. No need to install any plug-ins. Your show is strictly between yourself and your customer. CamGirl Clubs does not seek your content.

Note: The videos you record won't go to waste if you decide to open a website and put them into a password protected Members area, for display to your paying members. What you choose to do with your content is entirely up to you.

Keep your earnings high by keeping the pimps away from your content.

While it may seem complicated, it really isn't. Skype is a very simple program. If you can keep track of time, then you can perform Skype shows for customers. Without a plug-in. Without a pimp. No problem.
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