Social Media Works

Are You Maximizing It?

Whether you have a few accounts or a whole bunch really doesn't matter. It's what you do with them and how you market yourself.


Twitter; the greatest interactive site for marketing there ever was. It's the best for any small business. The creative ways to find and capture an audience are endless. You can post links and/or images along with a short message to your followers. You also have the ability to send private messages to potential customers, as well as existing ones via DM (Direct Message). You can create your own (140-character maximum) tweet, reply to, retweet or 'favorite' posts made by other people.

Take Necessary Precautions

In these efforts to market yourself, know that there are always risks. Do not allow the sites access to your Twitter account. They may claim to want to tweet for you, to promote you, but be leery of that. To be sure no one has access to your account, make sure to never give out your password (and don't use the same password you do on any of the camming sites). You may have seen some sites ask you to 'sign in with Twitter'. Just don't do it.

To check if you have given access to any site to use your Twitter, go to this page or from your Twitter, click on your little image on the top right, just beside the big button that says Tweet, and then click Settings. On the left, click Apps. If there are any in the list, besides Facebook (which you can trust), revoke access, click save and then change your password by clicking Password from that same left-side menu.

Other social networking sites work as well but be sure to follow their rules accordingly. Promoting adult sites or services can get your account suspended or removed completely.