Refund Policy does not typically provide cash refunds unless extraordinary circumstances apply; we do, however, grant credits in the form of free time and provide discounts in the event you experience technical difficulties that you demonstrate to have made a sincere effort to resolve. 'Live" Skype shows minutes do not have an expiry date and any unused or divided minutes through an agreement made between the customer and performer is controlled solely by the performer, and is not responsibility. "Live" Skype Show minutes purchased through a performer's profile are NON-TRANSFERRADLE to another performer's "Live Skype show. (Ex. you purchase 30 minutes with performer "A" but use only 10 minutes with her, the remaining 20 minutes can not be used with performer "B", "C", "D" or etc....) cannot be held responsible for any problems or technical difficulties during "Live" Skype performances when using the Skype video service software. All sales are final.

Furthermore, reserves the right to terminate any accounts "at will". We also hold that we have the right to deny service for accounts and users, deemed as fraudulent or otherwise high risk accounts. Processing is at our discretion for refunds for claims of fraud and/or disputes via email, phone calls to our processor and/or requests from issuing banks and credit card issuers.

We also report at our discretion and/or cooperate with law enforcement in any claims of fraud. Please see our privacy policy for further info on this subject.