Payout Structure

No Lies, No Promises

We at CamGirl Clubs want you to make money with Skype shows. We are not in this for your content. In fact, we have no access to it. There is no plug-in for you to install. Therefore, your shows are stirctly between you and the customer. As it should be. We won't promise you oodles of traffic. What you bring to yourself is what you will have to work with. Depending on your per/min rate and show length, you can do quite well performing just two shows a day on Skype.

Your Percentage

Everyone starts with 75%. If over a six-month period of time, you have made no sales and don't appear to be promoting yourself, we will bump your commission down to 60% and it will remain there until you have earned enough for a payout to be cut. Then, and only then will your commission rise again to 75%. Six months is a very generous amount of time to be given to earn one sale.

Refund Policy

Refunds and chargebacks are the performer's responsibility. CamGirl Clubs is not liable for what happens or doesn't happen in your shows. In the event of a refund or chargeback, you do have the ability to view the customer's full details, from within your sub-account. We do not hide anything from you. You even have the ability to contact that customer to resolve any disputes you may have or to correct the issue. In our experience, chargebacks are practically non-existent and refunds are extremely rare.