What is our Silent Partner Program?

It's a secret place to sell your Skype shows.

The Need For Secrecy

If you worry about the sites finding out you perform Skype shows on the side and fear the repurcussions attached in the form of declining traffic and placement on the site, then read on. This program is for you.

How It Works

Performers in the Silent Partner Program gain no exposure on the site or in the search engines, attached to CamGirl Clubs. They approach customers in private one-on-one conversations.

The Struggle

Being a camgirl myself, I know what it is like to struggle from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes, despite your best efforts, not even making enough for a paycheck to be cut. My mission is to offer camgirls a way to test becoming independent, with little to no risk to you. In those weeks when the money just isn't there on the big sites, it's great knowing that just a few Skype shows can make up for it.

How Hidden Would You Like To Be?

Much like the FBI's Witness Protection Program, your identity is kept under lock and key with us. We will never tell anyone you are with us and you will not appear on the site or in ads, promoting CamGirl Clubs. This also means you will have no traffic given to you by us. It would have to be traffic you send to yourself. Know that it can't be entirely foolproof if you advertise your services on social media, as opposed to sending each customer privately to your page to buy a show.
The sites watch our Twitter and Facebook accounts very carefully. They even try to gain access and control by offering to 'tweet for you'. It is never a good idea to allow anyone access to your social media accounts. With that access, they could use your account in other ways .

What's In It For Us?

CamGirl Clubs takes a small percentage for administrative efforts such as putting this site together and maintaining it. Basic operational costs. Sites offering a higher percentage can do so because they have their own payment processor but be aware that they are often only looking to steal your content. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don't be fooled into thinking they 'just want to help you succeed'. Their main goal is to amass as much content as possible and by whatever means necessary. We at CamGirl Clubs want to see camgirls succeed independently. Your shows are between you and the customer. We are not in there with a plug-in, recording every glorious moment for future profit. CamGirl Clubs only makes money if you make money. That is our commitment to you and what puts us in a class all our own. For full details, visit our Payout page.