Industry Experience

What I learned in my 18-year camming career

When I started camming back in 1997, what I knew about the sex industry could fit into a thimble. Through the years, I've learned more than I bargained for. Most importantly, what to watch out for and how to apply my sales and marketing expertise to this controversial line of work.

My Experience

As a newbie in the adult camming world, I worked a lot of angles. I was approached early on to help with certain projects the site was working on in their efforts to improve services to customers (or so I was told). There was plenty I didn't know, so I went along with what I was told to do. I was offered decent money to break things down, locate 'glitches' and report everything unusual I saw to them, directly and privately. Hindsight reveals I was actually assisting in a scheme to cover frauds for the site. I didn't know it at the time. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to follow; a sequence of events that later confirmed the suspicions I had that something just wasn't right. After years of battling with the site, both directly and indirectly, I took legal action against them. They offered to pay me a grand sum of $20,000.00 over the course of two years in a settlement. My lawyers were completely snowed over and suggested I accept the deal. I didn't. That would have been an insult. That figure was as low-ball as the low lives themselves were willing to go and after all they had put me through, all the years of torment, harassment, screwing with my earnings and content, I was not willing to roll over and let them have their way with me. I had to continue fighting them for the name that I created, knowing they were trying to get my social media accounts taken down so that they could use that name. They continued to sell my content, years later. Still do, to this day. They even attempted to trademark "amanda36c" with a fraudulent filing under the full knowledge this was the name I had been doing business under all those years. They also recently renewed, which until this year, was only renewed one year at a time. This time, they decided to renew it until 2023. That renewal came six days after my opposition to the filing of trademark "amanda36c" was made public. They abandoned it because they knew if this went to court, not only would they lose but they would be looking at a multitude of charges. It looks like they had big plans for my name. I was supposed to be out of the picture, but I'm not. I'm right here and pushing CamGirl Clubs because I know camgirls deserve better than the way they are being treated. I don't want what happened to me to be any indication of what others can expect to happen to them.

This is my experience, in a nutshell. This, my friends, is why I have decided enough is enough and created CamGirl Clubs. To stop the cycle of frauds occurring against camgirls. Why should the sites continue to get away with ripping us off when we're the ones doing all the work, slaving all those hours, putting up with being treated like dirt? This is unacceptable.

Best Tip

I guess one of my best tips would be to be leery of who you're giving your content, as well as personal information to. If you're completely independent, as some of these 'indie sites' claim, then you are able to see all details related to your transactions and not just some correspondence number, along with site-related information on your customer but his actual personal details. Billing details, e-mail address, real name, etc. No payment processor will allow you to see the customer's full credit card number and expiry date but all other information should be available to you on a page accessible at any time, while you're logged into your account. You will have his contact information and with that, the ability to dispute a chargeback should such an issue arise. Girls have been fooled into thinking they are performing independently when in actuality, the site is run by an industry 'professional' with the sole purpose of obtaining your content and stealing your customers. Know what to watch out for. They are slimy.

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